Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Wedding of the Century

Whomever do I mean? No, not Brad and Angelina, although we all know they are going to have either a preternaturally beautiful kid or a side-show freak, and I certainly do not mean Britney and K-Fedup, who have, in a Wonder Twin-esque combination of powers, actually turned into a side-show freak. I’m talking about my friends Kyle and Sara who, with their wedding on June 4th, managed to complete their reversal of the traditional order in which you do things. First there was baby Noah, the self-proclaimed Cutest Baby in the World™. Then they purchased a house. Clearly the next step would be to form a life-long commitment in the presence of friends and family in the great outdoors. During the summer. In Texas.

Sadly because of work commitments I was unable to attend any of the pre-wedding festivities which including tubing, eating some pretty good Mexican food, and the traditional distribution of the pens. In fact I was worried about being able to make it to the wedding at all, however I decided to blow off work Sunday afternoon and make the trek to Austin for the festivities and I took my camera. We all know what this means, so without further ado:

Here is the main house at the Barr Mansion, the venue for the evening.

As impressive as the main house was, the reception hall was even better and it had a really cool stage area.

And then there was the outhouse.

Of course Meaghan and Rob were there. Meaghan really liked her dress and asked if I thought it was “fun.” I probably said something fairly inappropriate.

It’s Kyle and Sarah and they’re all married and stuff.

Hey! I know that guy! It’s Abram, the proprietor and sometime poster to the Casual Soapbox. In his real life he is also Kyle’s brother.

Yes, I managed to record a very rare sighting of the Red-Headed Abe Stetcher, my once roommate whom I have not seen nor heard from since I left College Station those many months ago. I did nothing to this photograph (including focus) but the light was such an awesome color I had to share.

Of course after the wedding there is eating. These are my table-mates whom I did not know before the wedding. Of course I also don’t really know them after the wedding as for the life of me I cannot think of their names. I think the guy to the right is Nathan, but I am not sure. Regardless the dinner was fun and interesting discussion was had. Rob, Meaghan, and Abe (whose nose is in the picture) also shared the table.

And then there was dancing in a circle around Kyle’s parents. My understanding is that this was a Jewish tradition after the family had married off the last child.

And then, finally, there was this lap in the main house. Had it been someone’s wedding I did not know I might have tried to make off with the lamp. Oh well.

That’s it. I had a pretty good time and was really happy to see Kyle and Sarah get it done, however this whole process has left me with a question. As a wedding monkey I was given a really nice pen with my name engraved on it and everything. Now is this pen supposed to be used or just left hanging out on the desk? I tend to be pretty hard on the things I use. I don’t wear wrist watches anymore because I always break them and don’t even notice. I also have a terrible habit of putting a pen in my mouth to hold it rather than setting it down on the desk or putting it back in the holder. Oh well, I am sure I will end up using it at some point, but for right now it is sitting on my desk at the casa just waiting to fulfill it’s penly duties.

Oh yeah, you can see the rest of the pictures I took here.


Kyle said...

The two girls in that photo that you cannot identify are Sara's friends and former roommates, Dani (on the left) and Theresa (in the middle). I will only suppose Nathan is correct; he's Theresa's boyfriend, so I don't think I've ever heard anything about him from Sara.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm glad I'm not the only one who is incapable of wearing a wrist watch without it spontaneously imploding on their wrist.

Okay, okay, maybe I'm just a klutz, but I have a bad track record with watches. Now I just guess.

Loving the blogging lately, I check back after what seems like a day, and you've got more than a whole page of stuff!

Punisher bit was hilarious, you got out of a scary relationship way easy (and hanging out with you is in no way like hanging out with my grampa), and yay weddings with beautiful photos, and I believe the pen is for using, unless you need the item to remember them by.

The similarly engraved pocketknife that Mr. Steven got for being a wedding monkey has been absconded by the airport security people, so I hope those aren't intended to be a precious memento or anything.