Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dispatches from the Abyss - Wednesday, Dec. 23rd

So it has been a long time since I have done just some generic, stream of consciousness typing at you cats so to ring in the New Year MLKJr Day I thought I would do just that. Also I have not finished another book to review for you guys and have spent the last couple of days in a really strange headspace and hope that writing about it might help me work through some of the issues. At least that was the plan until I looked at my crackberry and noticed that I had an email from the person in charge of the production assistants for this summer's Star Trek New Voyages shoot. Last week I submitted my application letter to them. I would love to go up to New York and spend my vacation working on the upcoming episode, "Rest & Retaliation" penned by recent online acquaintance Dave Galanter and his writing partner Greg Brodeur (whose Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Foreign Foes I just started reading last night) however as I have no real film or television experience to speak of I figured I would be rather far down on the list. Now I have a phone interview on Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Now on to my headspace issue. Starting sometime this weekend my head got really fucked up and I started going in and out of a real anti-social space. This was pretty challenging as I was on a camping trip with some friends and being sans car meant I could not make a break for it like I normally can when this happens. I managed to either grin and bear it or wander away from the group when the need to flee became almost overwhelming. I made it through the weekend okay and, as far as I know, without anyone the wiser.

Then Monday hit. Here in H-towne* the weather was absolute shit, which I imagine had Scott happier than the proverbial pig in shit but all it ended up doing for me is trapping me in the house with my mind for company. This ended up being a bad thing.

Argh! Can't fucking concentrate on writing tonight. Too stoked about the whole New Voyages thing and I am up right now rather than being down. Oh well. In light of these developments I offer a link to the "Assassination of Chicken Caesar."

"I come not to braise Caesar but to toss him."

Also as an added bonus tonight I would like to offer up the following picture of your humble author circa 1992 alongside his friend Mike Allen. Now why, you might ask, am I offering this picture for public mockery? Particularly with those hideous glasses. WTF was I thinking? My reasons are two-fold. First I wanted to remind myself that I have not always been fat. For some reason I had it stuck in my head that I have not gained that much weight since high school. This picture puts that falsehood to rest. The second is that I recently successfully Google-stalked Mike and am contemplating giving him a call. I have not seen or heard from him, good God, since right around the time I dropped out of college so in 1994 or thereabouts. So not quite 15 years. I meant to call tonight but got caught watching hockey and then screwing around and suddenly it was too late to give him a call. We shall see what happens. Have a good one, folks.

* See how we're all fancy and shit now with a superfluous 'e'.

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takeshi said...

Ha! I can understand the anti-social space. It's partially what happened to me at Iredell -- that and partially some stuff that needed to be taken care of back in town... and partially being tired of having to choose between being cold or social.

The drive back was actually really nice even though it was below 30 and dark.