Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Linkblogging

Since I am going to be out drinking tonight and I have yet to do my deep-think about Cloverfield so I can write about it, I present some links for your enjoyment:

  • Steve Martin writes about being funny for the Smithsonian. Go read. (Thanks to Kevin Church.)
  • Read and learn about "The Rights of Conscience Inalienable" at
  • The alignment of TCM's Marketing Dept.? Dickish Good. (Also from Kevin Church.)
  • Does someone have $1000 they want to give me so I can go to this? If so thank you very much. My contact info can be found over there. --->
  • Along those lines I was getting caught up on Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, one of my favorite podcasts, yesterday I listened to the January 2 episode (titled "A Fly on James Burke's Wall") where he talks with James Burke. During the discussion they mention Burke's Knowledge Web. I think this will be an awesome resource once it is online and want to do some more thinking about it before I say why. At least check out the podcast. It is worth the time.
  • The one thought I will share about Cloverfield is in relation to this news item and can be boiled down to three words: Don't do it.

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