Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Some of my poetry has been accepted for publication in the fourth issue of Brazos Gumbo. For those of you that don't know, Brazos Gumbo is a poetry journal put together by an acquaintance of mine who graduated from Texas A&M last year. For his senior self-directed study he decided to put together a journal of poetry featuring poets that live or have lived in the Brazos valley. He published his fist issue in 2004 and he has produced three issues so far.

Honestly I will not blatantly encourage you guys to buy too many things here, however Brazos Gumbo is one exception. Right now the poets are not getting paid for their work and the amount that Sam brings in is just enough to cover his costs, however I believe projects like this are vital to the growth of artistic communities, which is something sadly lacking in the Bryan-College Station area. We have the Brazos Writers however I feel this group is dominated by older people who have retired and are writing their memoirs. Don't get me wrong, this group serves an important purpose in the community, however I feel there is also a need for a young and dynamic group willing to experiment and push the boundaries of their arts. In looking at all of the writers whom I admire and seek to emulate, one thing is common, they all had social groups who encouraged their art. Many of these groups produced multiple talents, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis immediately spring to mind.

Anyway, I will be subjecting myself to the public humiliation that is reading my own writing at the Barnes & Noble in College Station on July 30th. I HATE speaking in front of people, so come out and enjoy my discomfort.

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Margaret said...

At least this time I have a good excuse for not being there. I am sorry that I'm going to miss it. I'll be thinging of you.