Monday, August 21, 2006

My Junk and Name Tags

So just in time for my first anniversary at my new job, which is tomorrow, the string connecting my name tag to the clip broke! Grrrr. So I went and got one of the new-fangled name tag clips which actually has a belt-loop hook rather than just a little clip on the back. It is pretty and silvery and everything. There is just one problem with it; the name tag ends up hanging WAY too low and due to the location of the first belt-loop on most pants this puts the name tag dangling down the front of my leg and so every time I take a step the name tag swings back and forth. AND HITS ME IN THE BUSINESS! Now I have to wear my name tag on my hip which puts it in much greater danger of getting broken as I wedge my wide load into a standard sized chair. The bonus is now I have to draw my name tag like some goofy gunfighter so I spent the day whistling the bit from The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly in my head.

Tags: FJW, MyWorld

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