Saturday, August 12, 2006

Saturday, August 12th

Today was a good day. I just want to mention that because I come off as being very bitchy and whiney on here and I wanted you people to know that I am not always crying like a little girl with a skinned knee. Last night was pretty good, too, now that I think about it. I was at work until about 7pm. Not because I was actually working, but because I was printing out a Shadowrun sourcebook PDF and things were moving S-L-O-W-L-Y. After work I met Scott over at Downing Street for some cigars and beers and lo and behold Rob and Diana were there. Soon we were joined by Lynn, who from that night onward shall be known as Lynn the Destroyer of Glasses, and Toe-Pick Mike, whom I have not seen in some time. We were a little rowdy at Downing as I regaled the group with tales of my adventures with Drunk Girl and then Lynn and I planned our inevitable affair. (What can I say? Few women can resist the unadulterated machismo that is James.)

After Downing Street we all trekked to Katz’s for dinner where I wowed the audiences with my ability to consume far too much pastrami while making Toe-Pick Mike feel better about himself. How did I do that, you ask? By demonstrating that I can, in fact, be a bigger @sshole than him. Or at least talk a good game. Of course my mad skills did not serve me well as by the end of the meal Lynn had already dumped me from our as yet to have happened affair. I must admit that this was a new record for me. Usually it takes them at least one date to figure out that I am completely unsuitable as a companion (or gay, or a wuss, or more interested in eating half of the city) but she had it nailed in the space of an evening. C’est la vie.

Then I went home and passed out. Apparently I had a few more drinks than I thought, but not enough to be hung over this morning.

Today I drove out to College Station to go to Margaret’s graduation party. I went early enough in the day so Nikki and I could grab some lunch (Double Dave’s buffet, mmmm) and ice cream (Maggie Moo’s, mmmm) and I could do some manual labor for her. After that I swung by Lytle’s, one of the comic/game stores in town, found a couple of books I was looking for and chatted with Josephina, the proprietor, for a while. We primarily talked about Civil War and the fact that I am not reading it because House of M left such a bad taste in my mouth AND since Millar is doing it I knew it was going to be over the top political. I enjoy Millar’s work but sometimes he needs to be more artful in making his points rather than beating his readers over the head with it. After that I swung by BCS Books and Comics, which is where I had my pull list when I was in town, to chat with James. Talking with James is a bit of an experience as he comes from the, “verbally abuse the customer and they will love you for it and come back,” school of retail so it generally takes some time to get down to brass tacks with him. I managed to convince him to sell me a couple of the DC Archive books at half-price, so now there is more Sgt. Rock and Enemy Ace in my to be read pile. I was also surprised to find a copy of Mouse Guard on the shelves at BCS. I figured they would not have this book at all, however James said it was selling a few copies each issue because he was pushing it.

After all the comic-y goodness of BCS I swung by Kroger for some beer (Pilsner Urquell was the beer for the night) and headed to Cran’s for the party. Cran was Margaret’s landlord during the brief time we (Margaret and I) were dating. He is a really nice guy, one of those people that seems to be friends with everyone he meets, even if he is just meeting them for the very first time, and cooks a heck of a brisket. The party was cool and very low key. I got to see a couple of people I have not seen in some time and I got to eat some pretty tasty meat. There is really not too much other to say about the night. I drove home and wrote this thinking about what a pleasant day I had.

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nikki said...

lol. "do some manual labor for her" sounds so suspicious! :)

glad you had a good day. see you in a week and 48 hours. :)