Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So Is That Ginger or Mary Ann?

I scanned the image below from page 32 of the August issue of Envy magazine. The article in question was written about the Art Car guys here in Houston, one of whom is a casual acquaintance of mine.

Does anyone see something wrong with the article title? I didn't at first glance and then my officemate pointed out the HUGE spelling error.

To add a little insult to injury they even managed to misspell my acquaintance's name and then in an extra tasty ironic twist the article on page 34 is titled, and I am 100% serious about this, Houston Blunders. Feast your eyes:

This kind of stuff makes me happy. Is that wrong?

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Anonymous said...

With all due respect, I most humbly request a link to "next page" or "previous entries", my good sir.