Sunday, October 30, 2005

Avon Bridge

For some time now I have wanted to do something on here that would show off some of the pictures I have taken during my recent fascination with photography. I intend to post the picture, along with what technical details I can remember as well as notes on why I like the picture. I think I am going to try to do this every Sunday. Sadly, however, I cannot think of a good, witty name for the posts. I initially thought of doing it on Friday and calling them Photo Phriday, but that is a bit too close to Photoshop Phriday from and therefore I did not want to use it. Until I come up with something better the title of each post will be the name of the picture. Please feel free to suggest an overall name for the posts. And now without further ado and no more guilding the lily, here is the first picture:

I took this picture in October of 2003 when I was in the UK on business. One weekend we took a Saturday and went to see Warwick and Kenilworth castles. This is part of a ruined bridge over the River Avon as it passes along the back of Warwick Castle. We had walked down to see the mill and engine house and upon exiting, I looked up the Avon and saw this bridge reflected in the river. It really captured the beautiful decay that I had seen in some other parts of the country. There was a magic and a sadness to the scene that struck me in an instant and I had to record it. I used a Vivitar 220 SL camera with my Vivitar 135mm lens (I am not 100% sure about the lens.) I used 800 speed Kodak film, whatever their consumer level film is. This is before I started using Fuji and before I learned the joys of slower film stock.

Anyways, there it is. Please let me know what you think if you are so inclined.


Anonymous said...

I likes me some photo posts.

And I'm afraid I can't help you with the name...if it was me, I'd just call it "stuff I saw" or something similarly clever.

And yes, I had a cat named "Fluffy" when I was young. Naming things has never been my strong point.

~TamiJean SuperQueen

James said...

Okay TJ, I am a little freaked out by your appelation of "SuperQueen." It kinda makes me see you and Steven in a new light that I am not sure I am okay with.

I knew a guy in school who had a dog named "Soup." Apparently he had named it when he was VERY young. Ever since I found that out I have wanted to have a dog named Soup. I don't know why, it just seems like a dog name to me.

Oh yeah, and to continue my totally random comment on my own blog, my verification word is Drezxit. It sounds like a CD villain from back in the day, you know, someone that should fight Superman like Mr. Mxyzplkt, more annoying than really, really dangerous.

Anonymous said...

*laughs* The 'SuperQueen' appelation was granted to me by the amazing and fabulous KristenSue, she of of the Happy Sunshine Hearts and Flowers.

And Soup sounds like a great dog name. Steven had a chocolate lab by the name of "Damnit" at one time. He wasn't young, but he was quite drunk.

And I dunno...Drezxit doesn't strike terror into my heart. Then again, neither does Brainiac or Zod, so I suppose you work with what you're given.

Tami ain't much of a superhero name, and look at me now!! *winks*

James said...

None of the classic Superman villains have the sort of names that strike fear into the hearts of all that hear them. Here is who Wikipedia lists as Supes villains: Lex Luthor (only scary because Lex Luthor has become an icon of evil in pop culture, other than that, come on, Lex? Ohhhh, scary), Darkseid (what, like bad seed?), Bizarro (me not like Bizzaro #1 at all), Metallo (in high school we used this to polish our horns, if you know what I mean, it is difficult to be scared of polish), Mongul (I have nothing funny to say here), Mr. Mxyzptlk (he only strikes fear into the hearts of those trying to spell his name, you know, like his kindergarten teacher), Brainiac (oohhhh, scary AND smart), General Zod (ever since Mallrats everytime I hear this name all I can think of is Jay going, "Come son of Jor-el, kneel before Zod! Snootchie Bootchies!" after clocking LaFours on the head with the baseball bat), Parasite (he sucks), The Prankster (yeah, cause the disenfranchised whoopee-cushion and clown shoe set needed someone to stickj it to the man for them), Terra-Man (just look him up, I don't have the words), Doomsday (lame name, lame villian, but man did he kick the crap out of Supes), Imperiex (I think I used to talk to her on the phone, it cost me a lot but she was fun), Toyman (and his sidekick Dildoboy), Cyborg Superman (uhhhh...yeah), Gog (I used to drink this when I was a pirate, no wait that was grog, oh well), Preus (Toyota Tough!), Ultraman (U know it!).

Well, that devolved into something compeletly off track, but there it is. Let's see if I broke the comments buffer.

Anonymous said...

LMAO, your comments on the villains is even better than the piss-poor naming conventions. Kudos to you. (Toyota TOUGH!)

~Tami. Again. Always with the Tami.