Monday, October 03, 2005

Funky Girls Rooms

As some of you regulars may have noticed, I added a counter to my blog (it is WAY down there at the bottom of the page.) Ever since I started blogging I wanted a way to find out who was reading my stuff and then, one day, I stumbled across a meter on someone else’s blogspot blog. I then added the meter to my site.

Now, you may be asking yourself what this has to do with the title of this particular post, Funky Girls Rooms. One of the features of the meter is that I can review a whole bunch of data about each hit I get, including the ISP, location, and referring URL. In the case of visit #188 to the Opiate of the Masses the person, I assume it was a guy, was surfing from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

How did he come to stop at my little corner of the web? Well, he performed a search at for Funky Girls Rooms and this blog was the seventh link presented by that particular search. Since his visit length was 0 seconds I am assuming he did not find what he wanted which, judging from the search terms Funky, Girls, and Rooms, is something that should not be seen, but nonetheless I had a good chuckle about it this morning and thought I would share.


Anonymous said...

Write the Lyssa Giant Cracker in the Sea story!!

*bounces eagerly*


p.s. BAH! Again with the crowded letters. Looks like a fourpointed W.

Maybe it's a vw. We'll see

James said...

How about my trials and tribulations as I try to prevent myself from showing up to work tomorrow without any underpants? In all seriousness this is really frickin' weird since I wrote the story the other night and was going to post it in the next few days.