Saturday, October 22, 2005

Word of the Day - Muffin Top

From a friend:

You're all familiar with this dreadful fad of tight low-risejeans. I've seen women sporting this look who had maybe 3% body fat,and every last molecule of it was spilling over their waistband. Onmore normal women it turns into a feminine version of the spare tire,which wasn't so hot on its original gender, either.

Well, my pal Deana has coined what I believe to be the canonical namefor this look: "muffin top."

Use freely, spread widely.


If they are also wearing a tight bra & shirt I call it sausage chic.

I would like to fully endorse these nom de fashion faux pas and would encourage anyone who reads this to spread them. These are probably third on my list of most hated fashion f-ups. The other two are guys who wear flip flops in public places that are not swimming pools/beaches and girls who think pajamas are acceptable wear for shopping/movie going/attending class. The second one may be born out of jealousy since I would be tossed in jail if I wore my pjs out of the house.

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