Friday, July 22, 2005

Blonde Moment

I spent this morning waiting around for the cable guy to come by and get things fixed. He was scheduled to be here between 10 AM and Noon. Of course this means that at 11:55 I got a call telling me he was on his way. I am somewhat okay with this since it allowed me to skip out on half a day of work as well as get some stuff done around the casa. Fortunately my boss is fairly laid back about this sort of thing so I don't have to deal with a bunch of crap about it on Monday. Having said that, once the cable guy was done, I felt the need to get in to the office as quick as I could so I stopped by Jack in the Box to get a lunch I could eat on the way to the office. Once I arrived at the office, I was putting my change away in my wallet when I noticed the the receipt for my meal was longer than usual and it had WAY more writing than needed for my two Jumbo Jacks, fries, and a drink. I was intrigued so I read on and learned I had been invited to complete their Voice of the Customer survey for a chance to win $10,000! Huh. $10,000. You have my attention, good sirs of the Voice of the Customer survey, after all, I am nothing if not a simple man. I conitnued to read and found out I could complete this survey online at and I immediately thought to myself, "Isn't it ironic that the guy who owns the Jack in the Box franchises in Bryan is named Jack? And what kind of last name is Synovate, it sounds like some sort of medicine. I bet he spent a lot of time stuffed into things in school." No sooner had I thought these remarkable thoughts than it occurred to me that the name of the site was telljack as in Jack in the Box. I laughed at myself and went off to share my moment of idiocy with my coworkers and then the world.

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nikki said...

LOL!! too funny.