Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Strangest Dream

This morning I had a really odd dream, and since it dealt with my blog, I thought I would share it with my loyal readers (and the casual drive-by reader who happens to read this post.)

I was sitting around with a friend of mine, Don, discussing my blog. He told me he liked it but that I wasn't a "real" blogger until I had fired the Hawaiian gag-writer and started doing my own stuff. I asked if Pete and Ray had fired their Hawaiians and Don told me that they had and once they did their readership exploded. He said something like, "Firing a Hawaiian is like chumming the water, the readers will be on you like sharks on vacationers in Florida."

That is pretty much all I remember from the dream. I have no idea what this means, and honestly I don't even want to guess. Although I am wondering when I will get my Hawaiian gag-writer since it appears everyone who has a blog gets a Hawaiian gag-writer.

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