Saturday, July 16, 2005

Slave to Cox

Over the next few days my internet access is going to intermittent at best since I am going to be moving. Of course I am going to be busy, but the primary reason I am going to be AFK is that Cox Communications sucks. All I need them to do is connect the cable. That's it and somehow they have all of their technicians busy until sometime next week. It infuriates me how these corporations are allowed to come in and have a virtual monopoly on certain services for an area and they seem to be able to behave with impunity. Within the past year or so, Cox's contract with the city was up and due to the number of complaints they (the city) had received there were serious discussions about not renewing their contract. Cox eventually won the city over with promises of increasing funds for public access type programming. Funds that end up coming from the increase in cable rates they then whipped on the consumer. Now that all of that has been resolved, Cox Communications wants to get out of the South Texas market all-together.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to let all three of you (thanks Mom, you make it a prime number!) out there in the world that are reading this that I have not lost steam, and should return on Wednesday with a couple of new posts, including my belated review of THE HISTORIAN, an explanation of how I came to name this blog, and perhaps I will even update the Edit-me links on the right side of the page.

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nikki said...

you are a nut and i still love you for it.