Thursday, July 14, 2005


I found this site where you can make South Park characters through A Perfectly Cromulent Blog (one of the few blogs I read on a regular basis) and decided that rather than putting a very poor picture of me on here, I would create myself as I would appear when animated by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The name of the site is South Park Studio. You can save the picture you create there by:
  1. Press the [Print Screen] key on your keyboard. Doing this moves a copy of the screen to the clipboard file on the computer.
  2. Open a new document in your graphics program of choice. I use Adobe Photoshop, however you can use MS Paint, or even Word in a pinch.
  3. Press [CTRL]+[V] to paste the picture in to the new document.
You will have to crop the picture some to remove the other stuff that was on your screen, but it is a pretty simple process. Then you too can join the residents of South Park!

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