Monday, February 18, 2008

Funkywood Jamz "Big in Japan" Video Bang Edition

One of the things I meant to do this past weekend, which of course I did not accomplish, was to put together a play list for the iPod so I will be all motivated during my trips to the gym. Of course since there are shiny things involved in iTunes I got distracted. At some point I decided that what I REALLY needed was to have the "Big in Japan" mix I detailed here as a play list on my iPod. So I did that instead. Oh well.

Now here it is President's Day and I am having a slow day at the office. In order to make the day go faster I am listening to the play list and I wondered if I could find the music videos, or PV's (Promotional Videos) as they are called 'cross the sea, for the songs. Here are the results:

#1. Beat Crusaders - "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight"

#2. Koda Kumi - "Cutey Honey"

I was not able to find a version of this video on YouTube or Naver however you can view a live version here.

#3. Takkyu Ishino - "Stereo Nights"

#4. Polysics - "Black Out Fall Out"

#5. Supercar - "Sunday People"

#6. Denki Groove - "Shanri-la"

#7. Lab Life - "World Wide Love Song"

I could not find ANYTHING for this video.

#8. the brilliant green - "Goodbye and Good Luck"

#9. Lynn Minmei (Iijima Mari) - "Love, Do You Remember?"

#10. Alphaville - "Big in Japan"

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