Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sukiyaki Western

This movie was released on DVD in Japan today:

I never found a screening in Houston, Austin, or Dallas therefore despite my enthusiasm for the movie when it came out last year, I have yet to actually see it. On Monday I was thinking I would just go ahead and purchase the Region 2 DVD through YesAsia.com, particularly since the dialog in the movie is in English. As I thought about my desire to see this movie in the larger context of what I am going through right now it occurred to me that having rewards for meeting specific goals in my diet plan might help me along the path. Therefore I am holding off on buying this DVD until I have dropped 10 pounds and kept it off for two weeks. Until then I have a pile of DVDs I need to watch, including several from eHit.com that I need to watch and return.

Once I get this movie I will have to track down a region-free DVD player or something. I would like to have a soba western night where we go out for Japanese food (God I wish there was a good soba shop in town) and then watch this movie. Until then here are a couple of other promos for you to enjoy:

And while looking for those on YouTube I stumbled across this trailer:

A remake of Kurosawa's Hidden Fortress? At first my fanboy rage was up but as I thought about it, this really makes sense. Kurosawa was the master of the remake himself, adapting Shakespeare and John Ford movies, and since it is the original studio redoing the film I am interested to see what comes of it. The official movie site is here.

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