Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Linkblogging

Since I have nothing of any real import to say today* let us wander the internet together and see what we dig up:
  • A guest editorial by Jim Lloyd over at answers the question "Why Obama?" in a far more eloquent manner than I can. Go and read, it will do you good.
  • While I am on the subject of Obama, here is his speech on Super Tuesday (again thanks to As I was listening to this speech I was struck by two things. First, Obama sounds more like a preacher than a politician when he speaks. I do not know how much of this might be his message and how much of it might be intentional. What I do know is, I like listening to his speeches.
  • This news bothers me. I was hoping the Republicans would have a serious fight over their nomination but it appears the major players are falling in to line behind McCain. Of course the flip side of this is by suspending his campaign, like Edwards, he can throw his hat back in to the ring at any time.
  • For excellent analysis of Romney's speech go read Barry Eisler's thoughts on the matter. Keep in mind that Barry describes himself as a conservative.
  • The interview video in this bit from makes me want to kill. The guy just bugs the crap out of me as he comes off as that geek that we all know and love who compensates for being a geek by being HYPER-AGRESSIVE about his geekiness. Then there is the girl who, while being totally nerd-hot, feels the need to engage her active listening skills during the interview with Wil. STFU and let the man talk. Seriously. (And call me.)
  • Thanks to ACW we have now seen the greatest ransom note in the history of man. (Click through his site to read the article. It is classic.)
  • This movie looks pretty cool. Between this and the Nightwatch/Daywatch series I am beginning to think Russian cinema might be the next big cinema geek fetish.
  • Hey! This movie looks pretty damn cool, too.
  • You know what, now that we are on the subject of movies, perhaps it is time for you to go visit the YIFFF website. Despite the presence of a cute animal with some crazy hair, Kabuki make-up, and bat wings this is totally not what you think it is. I do not know if that makes me sad or not. (Click here for the four of you out there that do not understand why this is giggle-worthy however remember there are things you can not unlearn.)
  • Click here to read an interesting bit about the need for dice in RPGs by Siskoid. Interesting stuff and something I have not ever really thought about as I tend to play dice-intensive games like Shadowrun.
  • Thanks to the kids over at I found this, a Serenity/Firefly fanfic novel written by Steven Brust. While I have not read anything by Brust, despite having owned his To Reign in Hell for several years, a friend whose opinion on these things I respect said Burst is one of his favorite authors.
  • Finally this might be NSFW but it is certainly nice to look at.
  • Whoops! Forgot to add this initially. Click here for free AHL tickets. I will let you guys know if this works.

* Of course this assumes on other days I do have important things to say. We all know how that works out.

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