Sunday, January 29, 2006

Birthday Wishes for Connie

(Created here)

I realize its not quite as cool or fun as an actual birthday card, but come on, how many people get warning labels with something that looks like a planet getting destroyed for their birthday? Seriously.


In order to nerd it up a little, I poked around Wikipedia and found the following events took place on your birthday:
The following people were born on your birthday:
And the following people shuffled loose this mortal coil on your birthday:

I stole this content from here, however you can also check out the On this Day in Canada link, the NY Times On this Day link, and the BBC on this Day link for more fun.


Connie and Rob said...

I am so very, very honored. This has just made my day!! I can't wait to print this out and show it to my mother. How proud she will went to a lot of trouble gathering that information.

Thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness!

nikki said...

holy toledo. that's a lot of info.

james, you are such a suck up. are you trying to take trent's place with aunt connie?

oh, and it was very thoughtful of you. :)

Trent said...

JWW, Is this true???

James said...

I am not trying to supplant TGM...I am trying to destroy him!

nikki said...

that's kind of harsh.
everyone wants to be aunt connie's favorite. i'm sorry to crush all of your hopes, but....i'm the favorite!


James said...

You're the one who felt the need to start a competition between TGM and I. I was merely doing something nice. :)

I know you're her favorite, and I wouldn't even think of trying to steal the spot from you (like I have a chance.)

Connie and Rob said...

Kids, kids, kids...don't fight over me!

Who is going to take care of me when I am old...then I will pick my favorite.


Trent said...

JWW...why are you "trying" to destrot me? Don't be a hater foo' even though I know you stock up on the Haterade.

NC...I am Aunt Connie's (who is young and full of fun. Don't we all agree??) favorite new nephew. I seriously doubt you want to compete with that title.

Aunt Connie (who is youg and full of fun), I guess Nikki would be the one the one that would be with you in your "golden years" to take care of you. She is your favorite (niece).

Trent said...

Notice that I didn't spell check before sending my post. Ooops, I did it again. You played...with my heart. Got lost in the game.

nikki said...

that's right...i win! i get to take care of aunt connie and...wait a come the favorite new nephew doesn't want to take care of her? hmmmmm.

that's okay. i'll keep her. she is totally worth fighting for. :)

you both are invited to come visit anytime, because you know we will be young and full of fun forever!

ps - james: sorry for being a spoon. all in fun.

James said...

Yes Trent, I am seeking to destrot you, although we generally spell that distraught.

No need to apologize Nik, you know you're my favorite utensil!

Connie and Rob said...

Oh I feel so much better about that next birthday coming up...Aunt Connie (who's young and full of fun) will have a place to put her rocking chair with a horn on it. The horn will provide entertainment.


Trent said...

Hey Mr. Spellchecker, put a record on (wait, that is Mr. DJ) I KNOW I made spelling faux pas but give me a break!! I have the beginnings of a cold here you spell checking, haterade drinking, faux Canuck!!

Nikki: You are a spoon.

Aunt Connie (who is young and full of the thing poeple call fun), you rock....especially when you get that chair with the horn on it!!!

Signs Of Change said...

Happy belated Connie!

WHAK'd said...

Warning labels are fun to make, there are another 2500 image makers (also sendable as free ecard greetings, great for birthdays) on