Monday, January 16, 2006


Aside from kids and animals, flowers are one of my favorite subjects to shoot. I am fascinated and awed by the seemingly infinite variety of them that nature has to offer. I suspect that some of this comes from having grown up in a house where both parents were, if nto avid, certainly constant gardeners a tradition which they maintain to this day.

I shot this photo in the garden at my parent's house early in April of 2004. My favorite thing about this photo is how the blossom is the only object that is in focus. You can tell what the background is and yet it is still abstract.

I took this picture with my Vivitar 220SL camera using, I believe, my 135mm lens. The film used was FUJICOLOR 800, yet another photo from my days before I discovered the joys of 100 and 400 ISO films.

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nikki said...

how did i miss this post? i would have left a comment for sure.

i love this picture. it's on my wall. :)