Friday, January 27, 2006

That Wacky Internet

I stumbled across celebrities eating dot com whilst I was searching for online comics worthy of inclusion on the Opiate (I didn’t find any on this particular pilgrimage.) I don’t have the words to express the sublime car-wreck-esque beauty of celebrities eating dot com. As the name suggest, it is a collection of pictures of celebrities eating. Some of the pictures are a bit suggestive, such as this picture of Jessica Biel (she wants me), others are disgusting, like this picture of Keanu (WARNING! You’ll regret it if you click on that picture), and others are clearly staged, like this picture of Drew Barrymore (she wants me) with the lollipop.

It was refreshing to see that:
  1. Many celebrities, particularly younger celebs, have no f@&%ing clue how to dress themselves.
  2. Even famous people look like frackin’ idiots when they are taking a bite. I can’t tell you how many pictures my friends have taken where I have my mouth open and I look like some strange species of half-man half-largemouth-bass.
This site is so Airwolf that it inspired me to create a new collection of links here on the Opiate. I call it WWW, which stands for The Wacky and Weird Web. As I happen upon sites which I find fascinatingly weird and worthy of sharing, I will add them to this collection. I hope you guys enjoy!


Trent said...

Dude, you should not have said not to look at the Keaunu made me want to see it more (gross btw!)

James said...

I know. On Warren Ellis's site or blog (I can't remember which) he will put links that say, "Don't click here." With the warning that it will be some foul, foul stuff. He does this with the knowledge that we, being the semi-evolved monkeys we are, will then HAVE to click there to see what it is.

I, too, was grossed out by the Keanu pic, which meant I had to share it with you kids.