Monday, January 30, 2006

Juan Sebastian de Elcano

In April of 2005 the Juan Sebastian de Elcano docked near the 21st Street Pier on Glaveston Island for a few days and I took a Saturday and drove down to the island to check out the ship. I have always loved the sea and sailing ships and there are times where I feel like chucking it all away and becoming a sailor. The J.S. de Elcano is a school ship in the Spanish Navy, that is to say, a ship used to train officers in the Spanish Navy. I really enjoyed the opportunity to see and photograph this ship. You can see most of my pictures in the JS Elcano (04/05) album on my Webshots page. This does not include any of the slides I shot since I have yet to get them scanned and uploaded.

Since I do not have the negative for this photograph handy I cannot provied the technical details for the film, however it was shot with my Vivitar 220SL using a 28mm lens.

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