Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I learned a new word from the Al Franken Radio Show today:

Google-monkey, n.
A person whose job is to check factual assertions, generally through online searches. A fact-checker.

Would you have one of the Google-monkeys check that?

I have liked google since I first heard it as googolplex. It just rolls off the tongue. Say it a couple of times. Savor it. Mmmmm.

Then they add monkey to it! Freakin’ MONKEY! I think I have made my fondness for our little simian relatives readily apparent here, however if not, let me make it clear. I love monkeys. Monkeys are the bacon of the animal kingdom/comedy world. If you add a monkey to ANYTHING it immediately gets better/funnier. It’s a scientific fact.

Therefore the word Google-monkey must be as close to verbal Nirvana as one can get.

Oh yeah, and this totally excuses me for calling Al Franken's assistant his sherpa when he was speaking at the Houston ACLU gala.

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