Thursday, September 15, 2005

Disturbing Revelations

Is it sad that I always thought Herbie Hancock was just a marginally funny throw away line in “Tommy Boy” and did not know he was a real person until I saw one of his CDs in a display in Starbucks today?

I feel like a bad person, particularly when I looked him up on Wikipedia (thank you, Saint Isidore of Seville and Al Gore) and found out how influential he had been in jazz and experimenting with the fusion of acoustic and electronic instruments and that he was involved with the likes of Miles Davis and Theolonious Monk (who happens to have the coolest musician name in the history of the world and if I ever have a Theolonious Monk tribute band I want to call it Felonius Monk.) I feel I am very close to having what little music geek cred I have taken from me.


Jack Thelen said...

Sorry man, I think you're too late. There appears to already be a Felonious Monk.

James said...


I blame Ted Kennedy for this.

shannenigans said...

You are obviously not one of the original MTV generation, he had one of the first videos, along with fishheads, video killed the radio star, blinded me with science, Pat Benetar, bananarama, etc.