Monday, September 12, 2005

No Rest for the Wiggly

This weekend a friend of mine had a party to celebrate the release of her first instructional DVD. Being the kind soul that I am, and not having anything else to do this weekend, I volunteered to help her set up for the party, and then ended up playing bartender all night. I had a lot of fun, but the real reason I am writing about this, besides to give Sahira a plug or two, is because there were an awful lot of dancers there and therefore more than just a little dancing.

I am always fascinated by dancers; by the amount of control they have over their bodies. Whether the motion is abrupt or fluid, they always move with determination and grace, and seem to have a preternatural connection with the space they occupy. This fascination extends beyond dancers to practitioners of martial arts, particularly the more fluid Chinese forms, dancers seem to capture my imagination more than fighters do. I suspect it has something to do with the connection a good performer will establish with the audience.

I wonder what the root of this interest is. Are men just hard wired to find this attractive? Is it because feel like a spastic, bumbling galoot who is always just one second away from a tragic failing in coordination? Who knows, all I know is I got to see some good dancing this weekend. God bless those crazy, shoeless girls.

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