Monday, September 26, 2005

Rita You Tease

Like so many other women in my life, Rita turned out to be all talk and no tickle. I was even ready this time, but the fickle finger of fate guided her elsewhere. I like to think of it as divine justice for the death of James Byrd, Jr., but I suspect that is just me trying to find meaning in the chaos that is life. I ended up weathering the incredibly hot weather in College Station rather than trekking to Austin as originally planned. The Woodlands came through the storm just fine, and we didn’t even lose power until Entergy starting their rolling blackout crap, which took me by surprise as I was working on this post. Once I get my pictures processed I will post my experiences on the road as an evacuee as well as post a gallery of @$$holes who felt normal traffic rules need not apply and spent the day passing either on the grass shoulder or in oncoming traffic. Idiots. Like the guy in front of me wondered, “Where do they think they’re going?” Anyways, I have those posts lined up for you as well as my long over due review of A GENTLEMAN'S GAME and my review of THE CONSTANT GARDENER, which I have read and now hope to go see one night this week.

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Anonymous said...

While Rita might have been a tease for you, she demanded from us a small sacrifice, a female goat. Poor Wilma, she never knew what hit her. It was the barn which colapsed under the tree that fell on it.