Saturday, September 03, 2005

Some Days III

Last night I was once again listening to 94.5 to find out how they were doing on their Hurricane Katrina Request-athon and during the 15 minutes I was listening, one man called up an donated over $7000 to get the radio station to its goal of $500,000. I believe the initial goal was $250,000, which they reached around 11pm Thursday night. At that point they decided to keep going and in less than 23 hours they raised an additional $250,000.

As was pointed out to me, other groups in the Houston area are doing their share as well. KHOU (Channel 11) had a phone-a-thon where they raised $6 million for the Red Cross, although $2 million of that came from Shell. Additionally I have heard that at the Astrodome all of the volunteer shifts have been covered and they have actually had to turn volunteers away.

It is nice to live in a town where things like this can happen.

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