Monday, September 12, 2005

Trouserus Snakeus Indus

I did not want to put any controls on the comments section of this blog. I thought I would leave it open to anyone who felt the need to say anything, however some jack nut decided to start leaving comments that have the distinct smell of spam. Within minutes of creation, my Moments of Irony entry had the following comment:

Anonymous said...

The InformationWeek Blog
San Francisco Chronicle columnist David Lazarus noted last week that, a search engine for personal information both sensitive and mundane, plans this Thursday to roll out a blogging service.
A very tasteful and informative blog.

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First off, bite me, biatch! What in the world makes you think I would be interested in your CAD drafting service site? Above and beyond that, why would I want to deal with a CAD service located in the scenic and easily accessible metropolis of Chennai? Where the heck is Chennai, anyways? (In 1996 Madras, India, became Chennai, India. I suppose they were either jealous of the Turkish affinity for name changing, or perhaps they wanted in on the map-changing action brought about by the collapse of the Warsaw Pact.) I could blame shannenigans for this, what with her architecturalness and all, but I suspect she had nothing to do with this and it is just some creepy coincidence.

Be that as it may, I am irritated that I have been forced to turn on some security on my comments. I am going to send the company an email detailing how someone associated with their firm felt the need to crap up the comments section of my blog with bad advertisements for their business and see where this goes. I think it is time I had a little fun with these people, and thus I sent them the following email:

Dear Sirs:

It distressed me to find that someone associated with your firm felt the need to use the comments section of my blog ( as an advertising vehicle (the specific comment can be viewed at While I am sure that my service provider ( has some guidelines regarding commercial use of their site, I am personally offended by this attempt to co-opt my personal space on the web for commercial advertising. I have taken the necessary steps to prevent this from happening in the future, should the method being used to post comments be automatic, and while there are steps I can take to prevent an actual person from doing this, I would prefer to not raise the security level required to post comments. Please do not force me to do this or pursue this matter any further.

Sincerely yours,

J. Wood

It appeared that their little "Contact Us" email form on their website did not work. We shall see.

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