Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Moments of Irony

Last week I was on a mission to track down SUPER #1 ROBOT (which I have previously plugged on here as it features the photography of an old friend) and thus was checking out the local Barnes & Nobels, Bookstops, and Borders. While I was walking through the parking lot of the Borders on Kirby, I was almost run down by some maniac in his Audi. I made a vaguely obscene gesture and muttered, “F*&^ing yuppie!” under my breath and walked in to the store. In the midst of the Thrillers section, searching for a trade paperback of Le Carre’s THE CONSTANT GARDENER, I happen to look down and comtemplate my attire. Here I was in my Rockports, Dockers, and Polo and I had the gall to call someone a “F*&^ing yuppie!” Wake up and smell the commute, or is that hypocrisy, buddy, you’re there. I wasn’t sure whether I should laugh or cry.


Anonymous said...

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shannenigans said...

Heh heh, you are so not a yuppie, we're not anywhere near that income bracket!

Kyle said...

I hate that the post about yuppie-ism and irony has a spamvertising comment posted on it.