Sunday, November 06, 2005


So here I present the second Sunday picture post.

I am not sure when I took this picture or what speed film I shot it on (I imagine 800 again). The dog in the picture is my brother's Jack Russell Terrier named Bud. My brother got him after they moved from The Woodlands to Midlothian. Bud has a couple of "tricks" that he does, the funniest one being that he will smile at you. His smile is very fierce looking, and I have yet to capture it on film, but it is very cute in its own way. He lives up to the reputation Jack Russells have of being intelligent. All in all he is a very good dog.

I particularly like this photo of him because of how the background detail is lost in black, as if the only things that exist in this moment are Bud, the couch, and the sunlight. I imagine that is how he perceived the world at the moment.

I really enjoy shooting pictures of animals, almost as much as I do children, since animals quickly forget about the camera and return to being themselves. Of course this makes shooting portraits of them challenging, but it allows these candid moments of dog-ness to be recorded in all their relaxedness. (Is that even a word?)


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love that photo.


Anonymous said...

oooh, and I just read the cromulent blog movie review roll call -- you should so go for it, man.

~tami some more. I just can't get enough James, I'm tellin' ya.

And dude, we need to get together again before we move to Wisconsin!!!

James said...

1. Thanks!

2. So I went ahead and sent an email to the Film Threat people asking for their writer's guidelines. Hopefully I will be able to pull together a couple of reviews and get them sent in in the next few days. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

3. I just read your blog entry about moving the the great state of cheese the other day. We will definately have to get together before then! I am happy that you guys are moving on with your lives and yet bummed that you're moving so far away.