Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Week Two Report Card

Well, I really wanted to have something spectacular for my 100th post. You know, something to keep people from going, “Where’s the goddamn funny?” Sadly I have been a slacker the last couple of days and have been wondering where the goddamn funny is myself, therefore my 100th post gets to be about the most banal of subjects, my gut.

I am happy to report that I managed to ditch another 3.2 pounds which means I am now down to a petit 298.6 pounds. I am VERY happy with the progress since my diet had to suffer the slings and arrows of Scott’s birthday party, which involved food, beer, beer, beer, beer, some more beer, and then food. Please note by beer I mean Guinness, so that night I probably consumed enough calories to keep an elephant up and running for a week. I also have not started working out, so once I get around to doing that, things should move along swimmingly. That’s right, I said swimmingly.

1 comment:

Diana (ROAR) That's Right. said...

Really, it's sad you live so far away. I would love to lose weight with you. Good job. I look forward to taking on a sleeker you. (I'd still kick your ass)