Sunday, November 27, 2005


In March of 2003 Nikki and I went to Old Fort Parker and Fort Parker State Park for a day of hiking and picture taking. First we went to Old Fort Parker, which is the site of a settlement which was raided by the Comanche in 1836. One of the people taken captive in the raid was Cynthia Ann Parker, whose son Quanah Parker was the last great Comanche chief and took part in the Battle of Palo Duro Canyon. After that we went to Fort Parker State Park and wandered the hike trails through the woods around the edge of the lake. Below the damn we found this little spring. The combination of the bright green moss, the texture of the moss, and the way the sunlight happened to be falling on the spring at the time inspired me to shoot:

I tried a couple of different shots to get the timing down right and this ended up being the best one. I wanted to freeze the water as it splashed against the rocks rather than have a longer exposure which would have smoothed out the water into an abstract plane.

This picture was shot on Kodak 800 ISO film stock using my Vivitar 220SL camera with the Vivitar 135mm lens attached.


shannenigans said...

Nice pic! I like it a lot.

James said...

Thanks Shan! If you want a better scan or a print of it, just let me know. I am a total slut with my pictures.