Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Webshots Update for 11-21-05

Well, I finally got the last of the picture from Glaveston scanned and uploaded to my Webshots account. They can all be viewed in the Galveston (11-2005) and Galveston II (11-2005) albums. Here are some of my favorites:

I like how carefreee this statue is and I like the fact that I was able to shoot it against the pure blue sky. Ultimately I think I will crop this photo to remove the chain (if I can) and remove some of the blank space above the boys head, but as is it is still a pretty picture.

I love taking pictures of Nikki, particularly when I can catch her in unguarded moments. She gets annoyed with me for trying, but when I get away with it I think the results are stunning, like in the above picture.

In this photo I like how the interplay of the sunlight and the darkness makes the flower almost abstract.

In this picture I like how the macaws plumage is illuminated by the sun and almost all the other detail in the photograph is lost in darkness.

I like the juxtaposition of ultra-modern materials used in the construction of an ancient structure. The sun setting through the pyramid was just icing on the cake as far as I was concerned.

Today is a two-for-one special on photoblogging as I also scanned all of the pictures I took in September, including my journey to College Station in the face of Rita's wrath. These can be viewed in the September 2005 album and here are the highlights:

I shot this picture at Lake Harrison in The Woodlands. When I was a kid the shopping center on Lake Harrison was called the Wharf and the lake was open to the public. Now the lake has been closed off and is only open to the Woodlands Convention Center. I was really bummed when I discovered this as I have lots of fond childhood memories of the Wharf. Oh well, I went and shot a partial roll of film there one evening. The quality of the light was incredible but sadly 90% of the pictures I took were out of focus. This one turned out pretty well, though.

It's Animals Close-Up With A Wide-Angle Lens! Masses meet Bandit. Bandit belongs to my friend Nikki and is one of my most favorite dogs in the world. She is really friendly, even though she tries to pretend she is all tough. I think this picture captures her spirit.

This is a dutch angle-esque view of my building in Houston. I can't really put my finger on why I like this image except that it is my building and some times I like weird shots like this.

I love all the lines in a city-scape and how just tilting your head can completely change the way they interact. In thi case I really liked the quality of the light coupled with the way the lines on the building conflict with the lines in the reflections.

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bandit is on the internet! oh, she will be so pleased.

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