Sunday, November 20, 2005

Taco Bell Commentary

Now, I like me some Taco Bell. From time to time I like to engage in what I call a Taco orgy which is an eating extravaganza in which I will consume eight regular tacos, two bean burritos, and an extra large Dr. Pepper. If I am feeling particularly frisky I will add a Mexican pizza and a caramel apple empanada to the mix. (And I wonder why I am what the kids call husky.) (Actually, I don’t, I know that it is my propensity to eat to excess. Why couldn’t I get one of the cool sins? Lust or Wrath or something like that? No, I get the Gluttony back monkey.)

Anyway, some time ago when eating my Taco Bell I came across the following sauce packets:

Thank you Taco Bell, while I am eating my poor man’s comfort food I really need the reminder that I am a charter member of Sex Without Partners. Fortunately I am apparently pretty good at it since the Border Sauce prognosticator foresees a “…great deal of pleasure…” in my future.


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D's Nuts! said...

The following came off a friend's profile on myspace (so at least you're not him:

Books im currently writing a book called "THE ONE MAN KAMA SUTRA....MASTURBATORY POSITIONS FOR THE SINGLE MAN"