Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Week Three Report Card

Well, the goddamn funny may still be missing from the Opiate, but to go hand in hand with that, there is exactly 0.60 pounds of James missing from the Opiate as well. That is all I managed to loose this past week. I have to admit that I am surprised I lost any weight this past week since I have yet to start a regular exercise program and this weekend was another bad weekend as far as healthy eating goes. I spent the weekend in Galveston celebrating a friend’s birthday, which means the only food consumed consisted of burgers and Waffle House (mmmm, Waffle House.) Hopefully this weekend will be a little better, although with the planned trip to the Ren Faire, I somehow doubt it will turn out well.

Oh yeah, depending on what time I get home tonight, I may have another Webshots update in the work (my pictures from Galveston) and I think I might feel the goddamn funny coming on (or at least something that does not involve pictures or my diet.)

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