Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Excuse #1005

Sorry for the lack of updates. I blame the ACLU, Nikki, and Al Franken. I volunteered at a fundraiser for the Houston chapter of the ACLU Friday night and then spent most of the rest of the weekend in Huntsville with Nikki. Then Al Franken’s The Truth (with jokes), which I picked up and had signed at the fundraiser, attacked me and prevented me from getting any posting done on both Sunday and Monday nights. I promise I will have my usual Sunday picture post done tonight as well as one or two other items of interest to share. I don’t think I will get the Celebrity Death Match – James vs. The Prince of Darkness post done, however I might be able to reveal the shocking manner in which the University of Houston is breaking down the moral fiber of our city and NCAA Division IA athletics. We shall see.

Oh yeah, and I blame Ted Kennedy, too.


nikki said...

i didn't hear any complaints at the time, mister.


James said...

Because you snore.


nikki said...

i'm sure everyone who reads this knows that you are the one who snores. (if not - james is the one who snores!)