Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My Artistic Wang...

…will be on display this Saturday at the Hastings in College Station starting around 8 PM. I imagine there are a couple of you looking at that sentence wondering what exactly my artistic wang is and why in Heaven’s name would I be showing it to people at a bookstore. In this case my artistic wang is my writing, specifically my poetry, which I will be reading at the aforementioned time an place.

Now you’re thinking, “Fair enough, but why would you be doing a reading. Everybody knows how much you hate reading your stuff in front of audiences. In fact the only time you ever do it is when you are required to read for class or when you’ve had something published and there is a release party and/or reading.”

I will give you a clue. I am not taking any classes this semester.

That’s right loyal readers, once again the editor of Brazos Gumbo has seen fit to publish two of my poems, “Apotheosis-Lament” and “Dusk,” one of which I will be reading this weekend. If you’re about come out, enjoy my public discomfort, and buy an issue or two of Brazos Gumbo as Sam will finally be able to sell them at the reading since it is in Hastings rather than Barnes & Noble.

Oh yeah, and for those of you who went “eewwww” when you read the title and let the euphemistic meaning of “wang” distract you from what I was actually saying; grow up.

The word you’re thinking of is “whang” you dirty birds.

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