Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Odd Bathroom Behavior

In a fit of poor planning I went by the Coke machine on my way to the bathroom rather than on my way back from the bathroom and therefore I had my Pibb Xtra in hand as I entered. I was a little self-conscious about this, however since it was a tinkle break I thought I might be able to make it quick. As I was washing my hands this gentleman emerged from one of the stalls and went to the other bank of sinks to wash his hands. I noticed there was something in his hand, but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. He finished his ablution before I did (I tend to scrub my hands after handling my business as I have no idea where it has been) and as we walked out I noticed that the object he had carried into the stall with him was a can of compressed air. Huh. Now, UCS was LOUSY with cans of compressed air however this is not something I have seen since starting my new job. I am sure that the IT kids have a ton of them, and quite frankly this guy had the stench of old-school UNIX geek about him, but I just can’t think of a reason for him to be on our floor. In the bathroom. With a can of compressed air.

Writing this reminded me of another odd occurrence that took place in the bathroom here about a week ago. I walked in to take care of some business before heading home for the day and one of the attorneys who shall remain nameless because he has the skills to sue the pants off of me and is young enough to be hip to this new fangled internet thingy was brushing his teeth. I didn’t think anything of this as I had seen him doing this before. What threw me off was that once he was done brushing his teeth, he went into one of the stalls. All I could think of is, “Jeeze, I don’t know what you’re planning on doing, but I usually wash off AFTER not before.”

I am such a twelve year old.


Jack Thelen said...

Hee, hee!

Why is this post so funny to me? I don't know what it it the thoughts of what that guy was doing with the compressed air? Is it the thought of what that guy was doing with his mouth? Is it the fact that bathroom humor is simply guaranteed to bring the funny? Is it the fact that, like the author, I am also a 12 year old?

Whatever it is, I laughed out loud.

Thanks for the laugh.

James said...

You're quite welcome! Just wait until I share the story of the man who felt the need to stand inappropriately close to me in the elevator, like I had to suck in my tummy to prevent uncomfortable touching close.