Friday, December 02, 2005

Side Project

So from time to time I like to drink a bit of the booze. I am also blessed with a couple of friends who like to, from time to time, drink a bit of the booze as well. As we are all of the verbose persuasion and pretty entertaining writers (at least I think we are) and we share a love for the hooch, I invited them to join me on a mission; a quest, if you will. Our goal? To chronicle our exhaustive and continuing research into the fine art of consuming alcoholic beverages for you, the general public. Rather than flood you with information all at once we are constructing a mobblog for your edification. Check out the Alcoholocaust to find out more about what I have been blathering on about.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

May I recommend that you read The Callahan Touch for this particular jaunt?

By Spider Robinson. Not the first book in the series, but arguably the best. Although Steven still likes the very first story of The Callahan Chronicles, in which the world is saved through the wonders of a good drink. *winks*