Friday, December 16, 2005

Random Updates

Once again I have been on a mission to increase my blogroll because, lets face it, besides going into the elevator at semi-inappropriate times and planning the anti-safety revolution, I haven’t got much going on in my life. Here are the recent additions, in no particular order:

  • Comics Worth Reading. Another entry in the comics blogosphere where Johanna shares her thoughts on the world of comics and some insightful reviews as well. If comics are your thing I highly recommend this blog, if not, don’t bother.
  • Focused Totality. More comics blogging.
  • Highway 62. This is Matt Maxwell’s blog. Some of you may remember him from my review of his upcoming comic Strangeways, which is now supposed to ship sometime in January (the 4th, I believe). His blog is fairly comic-centric, but I feel he has some very interesting things to say about the current state of the industry. Definitely worth reading (and go order Strangeways from your local comic shop to help a brother out.)
  • ReefAddict. A friend of mine maintains this blog where he primarily shares some of his amazing photography. Definitely worth a look.
  • Something Fishy. While some of you may think this title refers to my end of week diet during Lent, it actually has nothing to do with fish. Or Lent. Rather it is maintained by an acquaintance of mine who recently let on that she was reading my blog and finally fessed up and shared hers. There is some funny stuff here and unlike me, she manages to keep up with her insert-something-here of the day, which in this case is a song of the day.
  • Time to Wake Up. I have a friend named Shannen. She used to ask me when I was moving back to Houston. Every single time I saw her. Then I moved back to Houston. She makes me feel loved. This is her blog.
  • U.N. Spacy. Thanks to Beaucoup Kevin this Robotech-themed celebrity news/snark blog is my new source for celebrity news (I no longer have time to watch the G-Spot on Fox News.) Hosted by the immortal Jack McKinney (not really), this blog is the perfect combination of geeky and funny.
In addition to these new members of the blogroll, Dave Campbell posted something the other day that I thought was eminently quoteable. While discussing his abiding love for the Classics Illustrated comics he states, “…they served as gateway drugs into the world of hardcore classic fiction for a whole generation of kids…”

Gold, Jerry. Gold!

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Anonymous said...

you should check out ursulav blog at livejournal -- she's my favorite artist EVER (and there's no way her art won't be appreciated by your wickedly weird sense of humor) and she's just hilarious. Reading her blog is the highlight of my day. <3